Records Storage

Part of any effective records management program is the timely disposition of records that are obsolete or past the period of their active use. When records are not yet eligible for disposal there are three primary storage options available: Departmental records storage, Contracted off-campus vendors, or the RIMS Records Storage Facilities.

Please note that for purposes of standardization, weight, and size constraints, all records, whether stored in departmental spaces or sent to storage outside of office spaces, should be packed in standard 10" x 12" x 15" Bankers boxes with lids and handles. These boxes can be ordered from the Office Depot/Office Max punch-out catalog through i-Buy (item #: P512770).

For more information about the options discussed on this page, please view the Records Storage Options document in or contact the RIMS team. When moving records to space in campus facilities, refer to the Planning a Move page for more information.

Departmental Records Storage

For departments that choose to store records in a space under their own control, the RIMS team strongly advises that they follow the storage guidelines provided on the Departmental Records Storage page of the RIMS website to ensure that the records are protected until they surpass their minimum retention period.

Contracted Off-Campus Vendors

For units that elect to store records in a vendor-provided space, the RIMS office advises that they refer to the Records Storage Options document for information about the contracted off-campus vendors used for storage near each campus.

RIMS Records Storage Facility

The Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) Records Storage Facilities provide storage, currently at no cost to departments, of inactive records that are not yet eligible for disposal. The facilities are available for use by any unit at any university of the University of Illinois System.

Our shelving units require the use of 10” x 12” x 15” Bankers-style boxes such as item P512770 available from Office Depot/Office Max through iBuy. Copier paper boxes or 24” long boxes should not be used. When placing files in the boxes, be sure to leave adequate space, approximately the width of two to three fingers, to allow for easy removal of folders. Because they may be eligible for immediate disposal, please contact RIMS if the files consist primarily of print copies of scanned or electronic documents or documents also held by another office.

Please refer to the procedure below for requesting boxes be sent to storage. RIMS also has a flowchart of this same process available for your reference here


  1. Determine how many records storage boxes you will need.

  2. Request bar code numbers for each of your boxes for storage from the RIMS Group. The bar code label should be placed below the handle on the short side of the box.

  3. Complete a Records Inventory Form with a description, date range, and the bar code number you have attached to your boxes. This information will help us track and locate the box should you need to retrieve a file in the future, as well as facilitate records disposal requests. (If your boxes are numbered please include that information on the Records Inventory Form.)

  4. Once you have completed the Records Inventory Form, send the form to RIMS Group or directly to your assigned RIMS team member.



  1. Coordinate with your assigned RIMS team member to find an approximate move date for your records. Once an approximate move date has been identified, schedule the move by placing an order with Facilities & Services to pick up your boxes and transfer them to the proper Records Center on each campus. Please notify the RIMS Group or your assigned RIMS team member of the move date once confirmed with Facilities & Services. Because the Records Centers are not staffed full-time, we request that moves be scheduled at least a week in advance to ensure that someone from RIMS is available to receive the boxes.
  2. RIMS will confirm with you by email the receipt of the boxes and will maintain the final copy of the Records Inventory Form as a backup to the Records Center inventory system.



  1. Contact RIMS Group to request a box or file by referring to the assigned barcode associated with the box. RIMS will arrange to have the file delivered to you. Please allow at least a week for retrievals as well.
  2. You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

When the materials have surpassed their required retention, RIMS will contact you to confirm that the records may be disposed of via the State-approved method. There may be a cost to securely destroy the files.

 If you have any questions about this process, please contact the RIMS Group ( for assistance.