Documenting Scanning Processes

Scanning processes must be documented by the office or unit responsible for the scanning. A copy of this documentation should be filed with the Records and Information Management Services team.

The scanning process documentation include the following nine sections found on our documenting a scanning process form:

  1. A description of the type of scanning hardware and software used;
  2. Instructions for how to set up the scanning hardware and software, including scanning settings;
  3. Standards for indexing, naming and labeling files, including any necessary instructions for the system into which the scanned documents will be stored and accessed;
  4. A description of how Quality Control inspections are conducted;
  5. A description of any image enhancement or manipulation standards used to create a more readable image;
  6. A description of the detailed steps that will be taken to correct a scanned record that is not clear or is difficult to read, blurry, or otherwise illegible;
  7. The process used to identify images that have passed their retention period;
  8. The procedure used to delete the records if they do not have enduring or archival value; and
  9. The procedure used to transfer the records to the Campus Archives if they do have enduring or archival value.