Forms and Other Resources

These resources can help you make decisions about your records management and learn more about best practices.


Records and Information Management Practical Guide

Learn general information about the concepts of record and information management (RIM) as well as information specific to RIM at the University.

Forms and Tools

Access practical guides, standards, and templates for a variety of records and information related topics.

Decision Trees

Use these decision trees to help you during various records management processes. A decision tree employs a branching method to illustrate each possible outcome of a choice.

RIMS Brochures and Promotional Material

Find easy-to-read brochures covering a wide range of records and information management related topics.

External Resources

Find resources and references where RIMS activities intersect or impact other University units including links to some current legislation related to the University and its information management.


Delve into answers to common questions for a better understanding of Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) activities, our services, and our technical tools.