Portfolio & Project Management Office

The purpose of the Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) is to provide project, program or portfolio management consulting and tools.  The PPMO consists of 6 core staff members with expertise in project, program, portfolio, and process management. This team helps academic units and University of Illinois System Offices identify their project or portfolio management goals and achieve those goals through expert consulting and facilitation.

Current services

Portfolio Management

A portfolio is a collection of projects, programs, and other work that is grouped together to facilitate effective management of that work in order to meet strategic business objectives

A portfolio management process:

  • controls the floodgates of incoming projects
  • helps reduce workload and resulting stress
  • provides a complete picture of your work

The PPMO will work with your designated Portfolio Manager to build and balance a strategic portfolio, to provide planning assistance and templates, and to help establish processes for ongoing monitoring and controlling your portfolio.

Services may include:

  • Building and balancing a strategic portfolio
  • Portfolio management planning
  • Monitoring and controlling a portfolio
  • ongoing assessments and guidance
  • Portfolio management training
  • Portfolio management tools, reports, and processes. 

A full portfolio management services description is available from this web site.

Program Management

Program management is the consistent management of a set of interrelated projects designed to accomplish a single outcome.  The PPMO staff has considerable expertise in program management and provides services to help you establish the necessary standards and infrastructure to effecitvely manage a set of projects

Services may include:

  • Program mangement planning and processes
  • Stakeholder analysis and communications planning
  • Resource management
  • Steering committee / governance structure
  • Customizable program management toolkit

 A full program management services description and a program management toolkit are available.

Project Management

The PPMO provides training, assistance, and tools for project managers across the U of I System. This methodology is based on industry standards and has been customized by seasoned project managers to fit the unique needs of the University of Illinois System.

Services may include:

  • Project management training
  • Project initiation and planning assistance
  • Project collaboraiton space
  • Clarity PPM
  • Project monitoring / health checks
  • Customizable project management toolkit

A full project management service description and a complete, customizable project management toolkit are available.

Application Retirement Process (ARP)

At some point, applications are no longer cost effective to maintain, no longer meet the business needs of the users, or introduce too much risk into the enterprise. The Application Retirement Process helps an organization assess their current portfolio of applications with the intent to maximize their effectiveness and minimize their costs. The PPMO provides a customizable framework on how to achieve cost reduction and a maintainable application portfolio. For more information, please see the full ARP services description.

For more information, please contact the Portfolio & Project Management Office at aits-ppmo@uillnois.edu.