Office of the CIO - Services Team

The Office of the CIO offers a number of services to the University of Illinois community. Major services offered include the Business Process Improvement Shared Service, Portfolio and Project Management Office services, and Records and Information Management Services. The individuals involved with these services bring skills and experience from their specialized area to provide a well-rounded knowledge base to those that seek assistance in these areas

Services Team

Kelly Block

Kelly Block, Assistant VP for Portfolio and Process Management

Kelly leads the Portfolio and Process Management Office and is an alumnus of the University of Illinois. Kelly joined the University in 2002, originally working on the University ERP implementation and later establishing the Portfolio Management Office at AITS. Kelly specializes in IT Governance, portfolio management, project management processes, and process change initiatives. Prior to joining the University, Kelly spent several years as a project manager and business process consultant. Kelly has a BS in Accountancy and an MS in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois, and is a CPA and a PMP. Outside of the office, Kelly enjoys coaching his sons' soccer teams, traveling, and buying things he doesn't need on eBay.

Joanne Kaczmarek

Joanne Kaczmarek, Director, Records and Information Management Services (RIMS)

As part of the RIMS team Joanne is inspired to work with departments and people across the University to achieve higher levels of efficiency and compliance in areas related to records and information management. Joanne joined the University in 2000 as Project Coordinator for a Library-based metadata project using the OAI-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. Joanne also holds the titles of Archivist for e-Records and Associate Professor, University Library in Urbana. Joanne has a BS and MLIS both from the University of Illinois. Prior to her work with the University Joanne was in the salon industry owning a successful establishment known for having the largest collection of armadillos and being the first salon in the world to offer free internet access. Outside of work, Joanne enjoys travelling and random “tinkering” around the house.

Marc Carlton

Marc Carlton, Assistant Director, Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Marc joined the University in 2006, originally tasked with deploying and supporting the University's Enterprise Application Infrastructure and later helping to establish the Integration Competency Center at AITS. Currently, Marc leads the Business Process Improvement (BPI) Shared Service with a focus on facilitating BPI engagements, offering BPI training across the University, and developing ongoing relationships with partners and customers related to BPI. Prior to joining the University, Marc spent several years as a software development consultant. Marc has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Eastern Illinois University and a MBA from the University of Illinois. Outside of the office, Marc enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Cynthia Cobb

Cynthia Cobb, Assistant Director, Portfolio and Project Management (PPMO)

Cynthia joined the University in 2008, bringing 15+ years of experience managing people and high performance teams in a variety of disciplines. Cynthia specializes in bringing change and introducing processes to organizations that are ready to reach the next level of maturity. Her primary focus for the PPMO is consulting for project, program, and portfolio management. Cynthia has an MLS from the University of Illinois, an MA in English from Illinois State University, and is a PMP. When she's not at work, Cynthia can be found speeding around the track on a pair of skates, biking with her pals, or learning jazz piano and singing.

Amanda Bland

Amanda Bland, BPI

Amanda joined the University in 2002 after working in the IT department of a credit card company. Her primary focus for CIO services is business process design and improvement. She was involved in the UI-Integrate project which involved the conversion of the three University of Illinois campuses from separate legacy systems to one integrated Oracle-based ERP system. Amanda is a member of the Enterprise Systems Coordination (ESC) team which provides functional and technical support and coordination for University of Illinois enterprise-wide systems. Amanda has a BS in Business Administration: Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys attending Illini football and basketball games, reading books and spending time with her husband and two children.

Bill Herrera

Bill Herrera, RIMS

Bill joined RIMS as a member of the UIC team in May, 2013 after working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) for many years. At NMH Bill was involved with the Records Center operations including the storage of medical records and provided guidance to units on records retention. Bill enjoys helping departments manage their records and other information resources more effectively. He finds the academic environment of the University stimulating as it offers him an opportunity to help solve a variety of problems related to records retention, organization, and secure storage. Bill has a B.B.A. with a concentration in Human Resources and Organizational Management from Loyola University of Chicago. Outside the office, Bill likes to bowl, play softball and golf. He admits he is a master of none but enjoys them all.

Brent West

Brent West, RIMS

Brent joined the University in 2000, originally working as a student in desktop support for both AITS and CITES. Brent was a Senior eCommerce Administrator for the U of I WebStore for eight years before joining the Records and Information Management Services office in 2012. Brent specializes in policy development, process improvement, and customer service. Brent has a BA in Economics and an MS in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois. Outside of the office, Brent is a Money Mentor with the U of I Extension and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Daryl Fritchey

Daryl Fritchey, PPMO

Daryl joined the University in 2007, originally working as a Project Manager with CITES (Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services) managing various campus IT service projects. Currently, he is a Senior Project Coordinator with the AITS (Administrative Information Technology Services) PPMO and his primary responsibility is project management for the IAM (Identity and Access Management) project. Its' objective is to implement a set of business processes and supporting infrastructure for the creation, maintenance, and use of digital identities across all three campuses and UA. Prior to joining the University, he spent several years as a project management consultant for a large insurance company. Daryl has a BS in Management and Business Administration from Illinois State University and a MBA from Eastern Illinois University. He has also earned his PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Daryl is married with two chidren and, outside of the office, he enjoys watching his kids various sporting events, traveling with his family, and supporting Fighting Illini athletics.

Jordan Phoenix

Jordan Phoenix, RIMS

Jordan joined the University to become a member of the RIMS team in 2012, from Ontario, Canada. Currently, Jordan is working with many different units and individuals across the University to develop a variety of enterprise-wide records and information management solutions while continuing to support the immediate business needs of those units. Jordan has a BA in Medieval Studies and a MS in Information and Library Science from The University of Toronto. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys beekeeping, woodworking, and bike riding with his wife.

Linnea Knapp

Linnea Knapp, RIMS

Linnea joined the University in 2012 as an original member of the Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) program. Linnea is one of two RIMS team members focused on serving the Chicago campus. She also works closely with the rest of the RIMS team and in 2013 she facilitated the creation of a university-wide retention schedule for Student Records. Linnea came to UIC with experience in archives and public health administration. She earned her BS in Business Management from Michigan State University and her MLIS from Wayne State University. Outside of the office, Linnea enjoys reading, writing, spending time with friends and family, and dreaming of living in a warmer climate.

Noni Ledford

Noni Ledford, BPI and PPMO

Noni joined the University in March 2012 from Richmond, Virginia, after her husband joined the Faculty of Journalism at the College of Media. She has over fifteen years of project management experience working as a consultant for an international credit card corporation, a giant mortgage company, and non-profit organizations. Her primary focus for the PPMO is on managing enterprise and high profile applications. Outside of work, she has been a Board Member of Agile Richmond, Asian American Society of Central Virginia, and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She has PMP (Project Management Professional) and CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) certifications. She earned her BS in Computer Science from George Mason University, and MBA/Technology Management from University of Phoenix. She enjoys traveling with her husband, and walking in the parks of Champaign County with her dog, Mr. Chung.

Rich Gegg

Rich Gegg, RIMS

Rich joined the University in 2002 after working in Payroll consulting and working on paper-less initiatives for large corporations and city governments. Rich was involved in the UI-Integrate project migrating existing digital collections into the electronic document management system (BDM-Xtender). As a member of the Technical Application Management (TAM) team Rich continues to provide functional and technical support and coordination for the University's Banner Document Management suite (BDM-Xtender). In 2012 Rich joined the RIMS team to provide direction and guidance on electronic information management and the creation of records/non-records. Rich has a Management Information Systems degree from Southeast Missouri State University. In his spare time, Rich enjoys getting his four sons through college, spending time outdoors, working on mission trips and testing his wife's patience.

Amy Glenn

Amy Glenn, BPI

Amy started her career with the University in 2006. She began working in the Human Resources Information Systems department where she focused on gathering requirements for software configuration and maintenance and helped lead the implementation of a University wide job tracking system. Her primary focus with BPI is facilitating process improvement projects throughout the University along with training on BPI concepts and fostering relationships with virtual team members. Amy has a BS in Business from Iowa State University and a Masters of Education from the University of Illinois. Outside of work, Amy enjoys running, scrapbooking, sporting events, and spending time with her husband and three boys.

AJ Lavender

AJ Lavender, PPMO

AJ recently joined the University to coordinate the multi-year START myResearch Project, a project that will modernize and streamline the research enterprise at University of Illinois and reduce the administrative burden for faculty and business office staff. AJ has experience managing technical projects and leading process improvement efforts in both small and large organizations. AJ has a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University. Outside of the office, AJ enjoys DIY projects and spending time with her husband and two children.

Rona L. M. Dealy

Rona L.M. Dealy, BPI

Rona recently joined the University of Illinois prior to working at an international bank for eight years as a senior sourcing specialist, senior business analyst, senior contract administrator, Green Belt coach and program manager. With a passion for process improvement, Rona's previous leadership experience has been the launching pad for her new role as Process Improvement Facilitator at UIC. Rona has a M.S. in Marketing Communications from Florida State University and was a graduate school scholarship recipient for the Florida House of Representatives Internship Program. In her spare time, she enjoys making jewelry, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family.