Initial Team Members:

  • Jennifer Selk, Business Intelligence Architecture Coordinator
  • Candice Solomon-Strutz, Assistant Director of IT Planning
  • Marc Carlton, Assistant Director of Process Management


Reduce the amount of time hiring managers and unit security contacts spend requesting access while increasing their confidence in obtaining the appropriate level of access for their employees.

Proposed Approach:

Current State Analysis – collect information, gather feedback, identify process and system gaps and opportunities
  • Organize and finalize documentation already created during initial phases of the USC Request Process Improvement Project (PPMO-0040).
  • Collect information on additional access provisioning (i.e., not provisioned via AITS or DS security request and provisioning systems) at system, campus, and college level.
  • Gather feedback from campus, college, and department level regarding enterprise access provisioning processes.
Strategy for Future State – develop strategy for the future state, including scope, roles and responsibilities, and expectations
  • Present initial current-state findings to CIOs
  • Develop strategy for future-state process, including key aspects of systems that are to support the future-state process
  • Present project charter for improvement phases and obtain approval from CIOs

Business Process Improvement Analysis – given the information collected from the current-state analysis and the strategy developed for the future state, run a Business Process Improvement team to design the future state of the process.

Future State Implementation – implement the recommendations and action items identified during the Business Process Improvement Analysis phase.

Please contact us with any feedback you have about the project, including suggested improvements.
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