Past Projects and Initiatives 

The BPI Shared Service has been facilitating process improvement projects since the fall of 2011. The following is a brief description of some of the projects that have been completed by campus, and where available, a link to an executive summary of the project.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Academic Computing & Communications Center (ACCC) Service Request Routing Process Improvement - reduced the number of first level support issues and service requests being routed to second and third level support groups.

ACCC Level 1 Support Process Improvement -improved the quality and accessibility of first-level IT support by developing decision tree logic.

UIC Colleges (Business Administration, Engineering and Urban Planning and Public Affairs) Hiring Process Improvement - streamlined the appointment process for Graduate Assistant, Academic Professional and Faculty class employees.

University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UIHHSS) Customer Access Experience Analysis - identified ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the customer access experience across the UIHHSS enterprise, improving customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

College of Medicine Informational Resources Work Prioritization Process Improvement - increased productivity of staff by identifying and adopting streamlined "best practices" for processing transactions, resulting in faster turnaround times and a consistent, improved customer service level.

HR Appointment Process Improvement - increase the % of appointments successfully processed in Banner prior to the execution of the first payroll calc of the employee's appointment.

Faculty Affairs Appointment Procedures Requiring Prior Approval Process Improvement - reduce the amount of time required to process approvals for appointments requiring prior Provost and/or Board of Trustees approval.

University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System Customer Access Experience Improvement - transform the customer access experience into a consistent, patient-focused "one-stop-shop", providing high quality customer service for the entire UI Health community.

Institute for Health Research and Policy HR Appointment Process -decreased the cycle time for hiring and changing existing appointments while maintaining a high level of service to IHRP customers, both internal and external.

College of Dentistry Point-of-Service Management Process - reduce patient accounts receivable by increasing its accuracy of claim submissions and collections from patients and insurance companies. Presentation Slides

UIC Institutional Review Board Protocol Submission Process Improvement - develop a process that is less burdensome and time consuming for active researchers (i.e., research faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students) attempting to get approval for minimal or low risk research (e.g., surveys, etc.) while ensuring sufficient protections for the human subjects studied.

School of Public Health New Hire Procedures Process Improvement - decreased the amount of time it takes for new procedures, ensuring new employees are processed and on-boarded in a timely manner through streamlined best practices.

College of Nursing HR Faculty Hiring Process Improvement - created a single faculty hiring process executed consistently by all UIC College of Nursing departments and regional campuses, and established more efficient workflows for HR support processes with oversight provided by a team of cross-trained functional experts across all units within the College of Nursing.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

College of Veterinary Medicine Process Improvement Initiative - established a college-based process improvement initiative to address performance concerns highlighted during strategic planning working sessions and transform the culture at the college to one that is more empowered and engaged.  Included the following projects:

College of Education Space Allocation Process Improvement -reduced the amount of manual intervention required by the Annual Space Allocation Process and increase the visibility of unallocated space.

Data Center Shared Services Client Entrance & Communications Process Improvement - standardized the initial request process to gather reliable information to meet the needs of the customer as well as provide consistent communication to inform tenants of important information regarding Data Center services.

DRES Accessible Media Content Delivery - accommodate the timely provision of alternative, accessible curricular content/media.

Illinois Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) Application Review Process Improvement - increased the productivity of staff and reduced the amount of paper used during the annual application review process.

Labor & Employee Relations Performance Management Process Improvement - improved the workflow for performance discipline and discharge, including identifying and resolving gaps in the data needs for proper execution of the workflow.

School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics Financial Commitments - Streamlined and standardized the financial commitment process, reducing the amount of processing time required to complete committed fund transfers after an event takes place.

Department of Business Administration Faculty Expense Tracking - improved the fiscal responsibility of the department so that faculty and staff can utilize a self-service model that would improve the overall efficiency for the business office and the faculty members' accounts and reduce the number of discretionary deficits.

OPRS Protocol Application Process Improvement - increased office efficiency by improving customer service, decreasing turnaround time, and decreasing investigator burden.

Engineering IT Shared Services Accounting and Inventory Control (A) - reduced the amount of time spent on the annual budget cycle while developing process improvement facilitation and analyst roles within the College of Engineering.

Engineering IT Shared Services Accounting and Inventory Control (B) - increased efficiency by designing an improved process for the inventory scrap/surplus process by standardizing business practices of IT staff and students.

Graduate College Graduation Certification Process Improvement - streamlined the graduation certification process at the Graduate College, reducing the amount of time required by both Graduate Student Academic Services auditors and graduate department/program certifiers.

University of Illinois System Offices

Audit Process Improvement - analyzed and improved internal processes.

University Press IT Services Process Analysis -analyzed the processes around the University Press IT group with the intent of creating standardized workflows in order to promote cross-training and consistency of services offered.

University Legal Files Case & Matter Management Software Use Case Analysis - defined streamlined processes for supporting the data stored in and functionality of Legal Files Case and Matter Management software.

Capital Programs Professional Services Consultant Selection Process Improvement - reduce the lead time required for soliciting, selecting and procuring a professional services consultant for a construction project.

Capital Programs PreQual Process - reduce the lead time required for soliciting, selecting, and procuring a professional services consultant for a construction project.

AITS Change Request Submission and Preparation Process Improvement - reduced the number of change requests deemed high-priority due to late submission, late approval, and insufficient preparation.

Annual Sabbatical Leave Process Improvement - streamlined the annual sabbatical leave process for all three universities of the University of Illinois system, reducing lead time, providing quicker transmission and ease of access, and more expedient reporting and tracking.

Employee Off-Boarding Procedures Process Improvement - created an effective off-boarding process that terminates enterprise access and stops payroll in a timely manner following an employee's separation.

Faculty Interactions with Corporations Analysis - evaluated ability to merge data across multiple systems and developed recommendation for tool to house common identifier.

Banner HR Configuration Management Process Improvement - developed a more efficient process for managing HR configurations in Banner while minimizing risk of adverse changes to Banner and downstream systems (e.g., Nessie, New Hire, HR Frontend, NOA, etc.).

University of Illinois Foundation Annual Giving Process Improvement - reduced the turnaround time for all communication data requests, providing departmental requestors with more timely data and allowing UIF Annual Giving to better accommodate emergency requests and staffing fluctuations.