System IT Governance

Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT)

The University of Illinois Information Technology Leadership Team (ITLT) is comprised of the University and System-level CIOs across the University of Illinois System. The group articulates the Information Technology strategic direction for the University of Illinois System, serves as a conduit for identifying areas where enterprise-wide policies and standards should be developed, and fosters the development of these standards. The UI IT LT also reviews, promotes, and sponsors, when applicable, information technology projects that have enterprise-wide impact. As an advisory and coordinating group, UI IT LT makes recommendations on procedures, policies, projects and the University’s strategic technology direction to the President’s Cabinet and Academic Affairs Planning Council. UT IT LT may or may not be directly responsible for implementation of policies, procedures or processes, and individual UI IT LT members may oversee implementation efforts in their own units.

Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC)

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) is the primary body that is responsible for evaluating administrative information technology initiatives from project inception through the end of a project's lifecycle.

University Administration Information Technology Council (UA IT LT)

The University Administration Information Technology Council (UA IT Council) fosters collaboration and cooperation throughout the University of Illinois System and leverages System IT services to better serve both the U of I System and its three universities.  The UA IT Council assists in identifying shared priorities for IT within the System and seeks opportunities for cost savings or avoidance. The UA IT Council provides governance to recommend System IT policy, creates common System IT procedures, and provides input to System committees, such as the University IT Leadership Team (UI IT LT).

Advancement Information Council (AIC)

The Advancement Information Council (AIC) enhances collaboration among the U of I Alumni Association, U of I Foundation, and the Campus Development/Advancement Offices related to high level Advancement Technology priorities and initiatives. More information on their current collaborative efforts can be found at