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Planning for Change 

Since the original AITS Strategic Plan was developed in 2012, a number of things have changed for the University of Illinois System, its universities and AITS. As well, the information technology needs of faculty, students and staff that AITS supports have changed.

The AITS Strategic Plan for FY16-FY18 reflects this changing landscape through its goals and initiatives. The top issues affecting information technology in higher education have evolved quickly over the past four five years since the original plan was created.

EDUCAUSE annually publishes its Top Ten IT issues derived from research by leaders in higher education IT. The most recent Top 10 list for 2017 has changed dramatically from 2012 and coalesce into four related themes:

  • Successful Students
  • Effective Leadership 
  • Data Foundations
  • IT Foundations

For 2017, AITS is ahead of the game. When comparing EDUCAUSE’s 2017 list to the AITS FY16-FY18 Strategic Plan, one can expect to see some overlap. Out of the 10 issues, AITS has stated initiatives that address four of these issues and are actively pursuing their completion. Check out the topics below to see how AITS is combating these concerns.

Information Security: Developing a holistic, agile approach to reduce institutional exposure to information security threats.

AITS Initiatives:

  • Audit and compliance capabilities have been improved.
  • Implementation of more secure infrastructure to protect user and administrative accounts from theft and exploitation by attackers.
  • Prevention of installation, spread and execution of malicious software on user and infrastructure platforms.
  • Enhance network monitoring apparatus to further discover and alert upon potentially compromised accounts and computing systems.

Student Success and Completion: Effectively apply data and predictive analytics to improve student success and completion.

AITS Initiative:

  • Begin feasibility study for the replacement of the Banner ERP system.

Sustainable Funding: Developing IT funding models that sustain core services, support innovation, and facilitate growth.

AITS Initiatives:

  • Pursue new revenue opportunities where they are beneficial and cost-effective to the University.
  • Partner with other organizations to investigate offering shared services to the university community that are cost-effective.
  • BPI Shared Service will expand fee-based services, providing units able to cover costs with more timely services for a fraction of the cost of similar services offered in the external marketplace.
  • Analyze and develop a support and ownership model for all shared services. Where new resources are required for AITS, identify the source of new resources or the associated tradeoff with current services.

Data Management and Governance: Improving the management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection, and governance

AITS Initiatives:

  • Promote and support IT governance that is empowered, accountable, and transparent in order to better support the mission activities of the University. Continue participation with the UIC, UIS, and UIUC IT Governance committees.
  • Perform a periodic assessment of the Information Technology Priorities Process.
  • Enable Self Service Business Intelligence (BI) for the University community.
  • Update Development Process for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) solutions.
  • Develop a service model for Business Intelligence solutions. Complete an internal inventory current dashboard tools and create capabilities matrix.

For a full review of AITS’s initiatives, action items and their statuses, please view the AITS Strategic Plan Annual Progress Report for FY16-FY18. Comments, questions and other feedback regarding the AITS Strategic Plan for FY16 – FY18 are welcome at any time.

Posted by Michael Hites On 04/19/2017 at 12:10 PM  

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