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CIO Quick Takes: What's your Strategic Focus? 

Recently, I participated in the Quick Takes as one of 30 IT leaders asked to talk briefly about strategy. In this version of CIO Quick Takes, they asked  the question: "What is your strategic focus for 2017?" 

We use an early 2000’s vintage ERP, and we are an institution where business process and data custodianship is determined on a department-by-department basis. Yes, we have mobile applications, web portals, and first-rate integration between applications. We don’t have students that say, “Alexa, register me for Computer Science 125.” I also can’t say “Alexa, stop” in meetings where everyone instantly becomes quiet and is never offended, but that’s beside the point. Our challenge is to re-focus our business practices around our students so that admissions, registration, advising, housing, concert tickets, extracurricular activities, parking, and career searching are not only blissfully intuitive, but integrated in a way where you don’t need to know what a bursar is. I want my daughter to spend no more than a few sentences with Watson to apply for college and get her scholarships, then four years later, I want to hear “Alexa, get a me job starting June 1, 2022.”

Be sure to check out the full article, "CIO Quick Takes, What's your Strategic focus?", to see what other IT leaders are focusing on this year.

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