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Information Technology in Higher Education: It Takes a Plan 

Planning is a continual and integral function at Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS). AITS utilizes the strategic plans of each of our universities as well as trends in emerging technologies to guide the development of our departmental strategies and priorities for our work.

The current AITS Strategic Plan for FY16 – FY18 is a three-year IT plan that evolves with collaborative input alongside other strategic plans throughout the University System.  In addition to the plan, our actions are driven by our stated values, which are:  Leadership, Stewardship, Customer Satisfaction, People, Integrity, and Learning.  Finally, the AITS Strategic Directions below were developed to prioritize work toward making administrative IT as simple and beneficial as possible for the customers. 

Since the original plan was developed in 2012, a number of things have changed throughout the University System, and the information technology needs of faculty, students, and staff that AITS supports has changed. Stay tuned for future posts regarding some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced since beginning the strategic planning process at AITS and what opportunities we believe lie ahead for enterprise administrative IT at the University of Illinois.

Comments, questions and other feedback regarding the AITS Strategic Plan for FY16 – FY18 are welcome at any time.

Posted by Wendy Bertram On 05/22/2017 at 1:37 PM  

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