University Administration

University Administration offices oversee the institution-wide operations of the University and a small number of academic affairs units that reflect University-wide efforts. These offices report to one of the following:

Also online are organization charts for University administration and the campuses plus administrative officer lists.

Office of the President

University Audits

Assists administration in the achievement of University goals and objectives by striving to provide a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative functions

University Counsel

Serves as the legal advisor to the Board of Trustees, the president, and other administrative officers of the University

University Equal Opportunity

Coordinates the development of University-wide policies and guidelines in equal opportunity

University Ethics and Compliance Office

Administers university-wide annual ethics training program, provides advisory services to University employees, and serves as a source of guidance on ethics and compliance matters

Governmental Relations

Maintains a liaison with members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation, the Illinois General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, agencies of the federal and state governments, key local officials, and major higher education associations

University Relations

Serves the public affairs needs of the President; develops and execute communications strategies to gain public support of the University; supports the General Officers and Trustees

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

University-wide Student Programs

Provides staff support to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and coordinates university-wide student policies and programs across the campuses in areas including admissions, student financial assistance, University articulation, and residency

University Outreach and Public Service

Coordinates the higher education needs of the people of Illinois through quality programming that reaches beyond the University's three campuses

University of Illinois Online

Provides information about the online courses, programs, and public service activities offered by the three campuses

Institute of Government and Public Affairs

Improves public policies and the performance of government by disseminating research on public policy issues and by facilitating the application of that research

University of Illinois Press

Acts as the scholarly publishing division of the University

President's Award Program

Office of the Vice President and CFO

Administrative Information Technology Services

Develops and maintains business software, and provides computing support for University faculty and staff

Business and Financial Services

Provides University payroll, purchasing, and accounting services, as well as business policies and procedures

Chief Information Officer

Coordinates enterprise IT services, shared projects, and planning

Human Resources

Coordinates employment policy, procedures, benefits, and opportunities

Planning and Budgeting

Allocates state appropriations and develops and documents University budget requests

University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services

Improves the physical environment of the University's campuses through capital strategic planning and oversight

Office of the Vice President for Health Affairs

Office for Health Affairs website

Office of the Vice President for Research

Office for Research website