Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the U of I System brand and brand guidelines:

What do you mean by a logo “lockup?” What’s the logo vs. the wordmark?

A brand’s logo can be:
a) a symbol or icon alone
b) words in a particular typeface or font alone
c) a lockup of the two combined

Think of Nike. Sometimes you see the “swoosh” alone, sometimes it is paired with the NIKE wordmark. Any of these cold be referred to as the Nike “logo.”

A logo lockup is a standard way that a logo or other artwork appears with a wordmark for a brand. So, in our case, the three university logos are “locked up” with our U of I System wordmark, with a vertical line in between. The elements are “locked up” in a particular order, size, and style and cannot be rearranged.

Another type of lockup is a “unit lockup” where text of a unit name is “locked up” with the System wordmark.

Can my office/unit have its own logo?

Units may not have individual logos, as that would dilute the overall brand of the U of I System. The Office for University Relations can develop a unit lockup for your office use. Sample:

When should I use the version of the logo with the trademarked tagline?

The logo with the Altogether Extraordinary™ tagline should be used primarily on publications and merchandise that is being used for marketing and advertising purposes. In most cases for regular business functions, and more formal written documents, the tagline should not be used.

What file format should I use?

What format (.eps, .jpg, .png, etc.) you need depends on the usage. For most vendors producing printed materials such as brochures, posters, promotional items and others, a vector file is needed—a “raw,” high resolution file such as an .eps. For websites and social media, a lower resolution file is preferable (.png or .jpg). PNG files have transparent backgrounds vs. .jpgs which do not. 

Why are the brand standards changing again already?

The transition of “one university with three campuses” to “one system with three universities” has been a quickly-evolving journey. With the creation of the 2016 Strategic Framework, there was an immediate need to have a wordmark that supported the new structure, thus the word “System” was simply added to the existing U of I wordmark.

System Offices leadership has long desired a stronger identity for the system as a whole. The development of the philanthropic campaign throughout 2017 was the perfect opportunity to conduct research, gain feedback, and create a visual identity with the assistance of industry experts.

One recurring theme throughout the research process was that individuals recognize and identify with the individual brands of our universities. The new visual identity supports those brands through use of the logos and colors in the system brand.


Each university maintains their own unique brand standards and assets:

UIUC Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding
UIC Marketing & Brand Management
UIS Creative Services

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Call the Office for University Relations at 217-333-6400.