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Tel: (217) 333-6400
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Print-quality Photos

Print-quality images of some University of Illinois senior staff and the chairman of the Board of Trustees are available for use by the media. For high-quality images of the other members of the Board of Trustees, call the board office at 217-244-3477.

To save an image, right-click on the word 'download' and select 'save target' to save to your local system.

If you have any questions or have difficulties with any of the image files, contact the Office for University Relations at 217-333-6400.

Photos of executive officers are available below. Photos of other U of I staff are also available.

Executive Officers and Board of Trustees Chairman

Robert A. Easter, president


Jerry Bauman, interim vice president for health affairs


Walter Knorr, vice president, chief financial officer and comptroller


Christophe Pierre, vice president for academic affairs


Lawrence Schook, vice president for research


Phyllis Wise, Urbana chancellor/vice president


Paula Allen-Meares, Chicago chancellor/vice president


Susan Koch, Springfield chancellor/vice president


Christopher Kennedy, chairman of the Board of Trustees



Thomas Hardy, executive director, Office for University Relations, and University spokesman


Susan Kies, secretary of the Board of Trustees and of the University

NOTE: for photos of other members of the Board of Trustees, call 217-244-3477.



Other photos

Other available photos of personnel are available.