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Chris Mooney focuses work on state legislatures

UIS Professor Christopher Mooney is looking at limits. Specifically term limits on members of state legislatures.

Professor Christopher MooneyMooney is a co-editor and contributing author of a book on legislative term limits — Legislating without Experience: Case Studies in State Legislative Term Limits — that measures and details the impact of term limits on state government. Among the early findings is the loss of institutional memory.

The book is just one of many of Mooney's academic endeavors. A professor of political science and the founding editor of State Politics and Policy Quarterly, he also holds an appointment with the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA).

The UIS Department of Political Science benefits from the campus location in the state capital. The department's undergraduate and graduate degree programs emphasize the practical application of politics and offer the opportunity for state internships.

The College of Public Affairs and Administration is dedicated to the belief that effective public affairs education, significant public affairs scholarship, and active service to the community improves government and public policy in Illinois as well as the nation and the world.

UIS sponsors two of the most prestigious internships in Illinois state government: the Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program (ILSIP) and the Graduate Public Service Internship (GPSI). ILSIP interns work with the Illinois General assembly for one year, and GPSI interns work with a state agency for two.

UIS is a small, public liberal arts university that offers 42 degree programs. The campus has a special mission in public affairs and service and is known for extraordinary internships, a wireless campus, extensive online offerings, and a commitment to teaching.

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