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The Fab Four made records that set records. UIS is setting records in a course about The Beatles.

UIS reached a milestone in 2010 when Professor Michael Cheney’s podcast about The Beatles was the second most downloaded podcast on iTunes U. The free service allows universities to distribute audio books, podcasts and other educational content.

screenshot of UIS on iTunes.Cheney’s podcast titled “Unit 1: Beatles as Mosaic” was downloaded 23,744 times during the week of Nov. 14, 2010. That number does not include downloads since “The Beatles: Popular Music and Society” series was listed in the “Noteworthy” section of iTunes U for the first time. The entire series includes 39 installments and has been downloaded more than 395,000 times.  iTunes U is available to 200 million users worldwide.

Cheney uses podcasts in the class as a way to complement the material students are already studying and to provide them with “poignant references and information to enhance their understanding of the course.” He has offered three- to four-minute podcasts for courses since fall 2005. UIS is one of more than 800 universities with active iTunes U accounts including Yale, MIT, Stanford, Oxford and University of California-Berkeley.

The liberal studies program, a unit of the UIS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, helps students develop an interdisciplinary course of study that enhances the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to become an engaged and responsible citizen.

UIS pairs academic excellence with small class size, high-quality programs and internships in public affairs, journalism and government for a unique educational experience. Making a difference in the world is a tenet of the UIS educational philosophy.

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