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"Just as universities make great cities, great cities make great universities."

Great Cities CommitmentChicago mayor Richard Daley spoke those words in 1965 when the University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus opened, fulfilling Daley's dream of a public university in the Windy City. The University of Illinois at Chicago was officially established in 1982 when the Circle Campus and the Medical Campus, which traces its start to the establishment of the College of Pharmacy in 1859, merged. Today, UIC is among the top 50 universities in the US receiving federal research funding, has the nation's largest medical school and is the primary supplier of new teachers for the Chicago Public School system.

UIC takes its urban setting seriously. UIC's metropolitan engagement with Chicago is embodied in the Great Cities Commitment, an initiative with hundreds of teaching, research and service programs ranging from biotechnology research to programs designed to empower the elderly. Each of the campus' 15 colleges participates in Great Cities and they partner with public and private institutions, including governments, businesses, and civic, community, health, and social service organizations.

One of the core components of the Great Cities Commitment is the Great Cities Institute that was created in 1995 to direct and support Commitment programs. The institute conducts and supports interdisciplinary, high-impact, research, and partnerships that address key urban issues on a local and global scale. The community-based nature of the programs ensures that UIC is engaged with, rather than simply located in, Chicago.

The Great Cities Commitment is an integral part of UIC's mission to address the challenges and opportunities, not just of Chicago, but of all great cities in the 21st century.

The University of Illinois at Chicago is an urban university intimately connected to its home in one of the nation's largest and most diverse cities. A noted research center, particularly in urban affairs, medicine and the health sciences, UIC is committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge.

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