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College of Medicine students part of tradition

Match DayMatch Day, a medical school tradition since 1952, pairs fourth-year medical students with the medical residency programs that will help define their futures. After applications and interviews with medical programs across the country, more than 15,000 students are matched to residencies. UIC College of Medicine students were no exception.

Bi Ade and her fiancé Wole Awonsika (right) were, in 2008, both placed in residency programs in Boston. Ade will study internal medicine at Boston University Medical Center, her first choice and a placement that will help her further her dream of promoting healthcare to low-income communities. Awonsika will train in neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, part of Harvard Medical School.

Match Day Nirav Shah (left) was both excited and nervous to learn that he, too, had been matched with Mass General.

"It's a great opportunity — it's going to allow me to do whatever I want with my career," he said. “It's going to be challenging, but UIC does a phenomenal job of training and that's why UIC did very well. Next year's going to be the hardest year of everyone's life, but everyone's going to make it. Everyone's smart, good and well-trained."

Of UIC's medical students, 34 percent will stay in Illinois for their residency programs. The top specialties selected are internal medicine (17 percent), family medicine (12 percent ), pediatrics (11 percent) and anesthesiology (9 percent).

The College of Medicine has campuses in Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana in addition to Chicago. Peoria is home to the Rural Student Physician Program. Rockford hosts the National Center for Rural Health Professions as well as the Rural Medical Education Program. Urbana offers the Urban Health Program.

Recognized as one of the country's best medical schools, the College of Medicine is also the nation's largest. The diverse student body of 2,600 students hails from a wide variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. No other medical school compares with the College of Medicine's ability to provide students with extensive and early clinical experiences.

UIC is an urban university intimately connected to its home in one of the nation's largest and most diverse cities. A noted research center, particularly in urban affairs, medicine and the health sciences, UIC is committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge.

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