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In the 1890s, Hull-House was part of a multicultural poor neighborhood on the near west side of Chicago. Maps of the neighborhood show the ethnic and racial diversity, including Irish, Greek, Swiss, Dutch, Russian, Polish, and French Canadian.

Hull-House founders Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr offered kindergarten and day-care facilities for working mothers, cultural resources, and English and citizenship classes to area residents. Now a museum on the UIC campus, Hull-House hosts visiting speakers and special exhibits and provides educational resources such as an online pictorial gallery of historic images.

Using On Call, audio tours via cell phone, visitors to Hull-House can hear select commentaries on Jane Addams and her legacy presented by social activists and humanities scholars such as author Studs Terkel, UIC professor and 1960s anti-war activist Bill Ayers and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Helen Caldicott.

The Hull-House Museum is part of UIC’s College of Architecture and the Arts, which includes the School of Architecture, the School of Art and Design and the departments of art history and performing arts. The college offers the widest array of academic arts programs in Chicago, from accredited professional programs in architecture, graphic design and industrial design, to studio arts, photography, and moving image, to music and theater, as well as the academic discipline of art history. Gallery 400 and the City Design Center are two locations where the college intersects with the arts community in the city of Chicago.

The University of Illinois at Chicago is an urban university intimately connected to its home in one of the nation's largest and most diverse cities. A noted research center, particularly in urban affairs, medicine and the health sciences, UIC is committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge.

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