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Research Station Doubles in Size, Supports Agricultural Research

 closeup of a corn plant.Illinois is known for its fertile fields and the production of agricultural products. The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) on the Urbana campus is known for research that advances agriculture.

ACES operates field research centers located throughout the state as testing-grounds where researchers can explore practical applications that will ultimately benefit consumers, farmers, commodity groups, agricultural organizations, environmentalists, conservationists, government agencies, industry and business.

The Northwestern Illinois Agricultural Research and Demonstration Center in Monmouth doubled in size in 2009 following the purchase of farmland by ACES and a citizen group.

The 160-acre facility in Warren County supports 50 research projects each year that are led by Urbana-based researchers and the center’s research superintendent. The projects include research on soil fertility, crop production and pest management. Previous projects conducted at the Western Illinois research farm include updates of the productivity indices of 840 Illinois soil types and the study of infestations of soybeans fields.

Robert Hauser, dean of ACES, said the college used a portion of the proceeds from the sale of a gift of farmland to purchase 80 acres less than one mile from the research center. The Northwest Agricultural Education Foundation raised money to purchase another 80-acre plot in 2009 and leases it to the U of I for one dollar per year.

The Monmouth Research Center opened in1980 and hosts a field day each year led by U of I faculty and Extension educators to highlight the latest research in key areas of crop production.

Founded in 1867, ACES strives to enhance the quality of life for people in urban and rural areas through national and international research, teaching and outreach efforts that focus on human activity, food, fiber and natural resource systems.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a recognized leader in teaching and scholarship and is known as an institution that creates knowledge and advances understanding.


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