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Michael LeRoy, Urbana professor of law and of labor and employment relations.Michael LeRoy knows labor, the law, and labor law.

An expert in law, labor, employee rights and collective bargaining, LeRoy has written on a range of labor relations topics, including strikes and lockouts, arbitration, and the legal questions that 9/11, domestic terrorism and disasters have raised for employees.

LeRoy has appointments in the College of Law and the School of Labor and Employment Relations on the Urbana-Champaign campus. He teaches collective bargaining, government regulation, government regulation and employment law, and dispute resolution.

LeRoy uses two basic methods when he teaches. In courses such as employment law, where an expert body of knowledge must be conveyed, he uses a traditional lecture format and assigns case materials rather than texts. He prefers the case materials because they help students learn how to analyze those sources for themselves. Other courses, such as collective bargaining, benefit from more student interaction. Here he leads students through a series of bargaining, mediation and arbitration simulations.

The University of Illinois College of Law ranks among the nation’s top 10 public law schools. The college has specialized expertise in the following areas of law: business and commercial, employment, environmental, intellectual property, international and comparative, public interest and taxation.

The University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations is dedicated to advancing theory, policy and practice in all aspects of labor and employment relations. Master’s and doctoral students graduate to careers in human resources, industrial relations and academics.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a recognized leader in teaching and scholarship and is known as an institution that creates knowledge and advances understanding.

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