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University of Illinois

University: Access, excellence, and affordability



John Bardeen: Two-time Nobel Laureate honored

Michael LeRoy: Expert in labor, law

Steve Long: At the forefront of bioenergy

Sandra Manfra Marretta: Veterinary medicine students make house calls

Agricultural Research: Expanding research in the fields

Institute for Genomic Biology: Where science and society meet

Sy-A Myong and Taekjip Ha: DNA research is big science

Blue Waters: World's most powerful supercomputer



UIC's Zhichun Shu: Receives NSF Faculty Early Career award

UIC's Hull House Museum: Speakers, exhibits, educational resources

Daley Library at UIC: A home for Chicago's history

Stukel Towers Resident Hall: Urban living options enhance UIC community

Medical matchmaking: College of Medicine students part of tradition

UIC's Great Cities Commitment: Connecting to home

Adrian Capehart: UIC professor prepares urban teachers

UIC's Health Informatics: High tech and online

Dimitri Azar: UIC surgeon restores vision

Luis Alberto Urrea: Author in the classroom at UIC

UIC's Midwifery Clinic: Assisting underserved women in Chicago

Midwest leader: UIC's Asian American Studies



UIS Anniversaries

Richard Judd: UIS professor on Wall Street Journal panel

UIS online milestone: iTunes podcast record

Christopher Mooney: UIS professor writes book on term limits

UIS Capital Scholars Program: Challenging, interdisciplinary education

Lynn Fisher: Expanding horizons for UIS students

UIS online excellence: Award-winning, high-quality online courses

Business Three for Three: Accreditation across the U of I



U of I Alumni Association: Making friends for life

University of Illinois Foundation: Securing brilliant futures