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WHAT'S HAPPENING - October 2014

Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) has launched a number of successful mobile development and awareness initiatives over the past three years. These efforts have resulted in numerous requests for assistance from departments and organizations, including University Housing, Office of Technology Management, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Office of Budget and Financial Services and Board of Trustees.

In order to meet a growing demand for mobile development and support at the University of Illinois, AITS established a Mobile Development Services (MDS) team within the Application Development and Support (ADS) department in October 2014. 

Jim Caputo serves as full-time project manager for the new team, coordinating client needs and projects alongside a virtual team of analysts and technicians from across AITS QA and ADS departments.

Current members of the virtual team are listed below. Additional personnel will be involved as demand for mobile technology and expertise grows.

  • Siri Balusani (QA – Accessibility)
  • Todd Bickers (ADS –Development)
  • Jim Caputo (ADS – Project Manager)
  • Michelle DeYoung (QA – Graphic and web design, accessibility)
  • Kathi Gorrell (QA – Accessibility)
  • Jun Huang (ADS – Development)
  • Dan Lapp (QA – Stress testing)
  • Xiaoxia Liao (ADS – Development)
  • Carol Richter (ADS – Development)
  • William Seemann (ADS – Development)
  • Mike Sharp (QA – Functional testing)
  • Eddie Tsai (ADS – Development)
  • Traci Vaughn (QA – Usability)
  • Sharon Zhu (ADS – Development)

If you have any questions, contact Jim Caputo at

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